When Will I See My Final Result Of Extended Abdominoplasty w/ MR?

Is This As Good As It Gets 4 Months Post Extended Abdomnioplasty W Muscle Repair?

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Final Results after TT

Yes you will continue to improve for up to a year and sometimes longer after tummy tuck surgery. It takes time for the swelling a hardness of liposuction to settle down. Maturation and fading of your scar may take from 12-18 months so you should be patient.

Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Final results from a tummy tuck.

The results from a tummy tuck continue to change for up to a year after surgery. Obviously, the initial results should be quite apparent. However, the changes occurring over the ensuing months are due to elasticity of the tissues, relaxation of the muscle repair, decrease in the swelling, and improvement in the appearance of the scars.

David Bogue, MD
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When will see results post abdominoplasty

I would recommend a year at least to see final results. I do not have women doing any abdominal muscle work for 3-4 months post surgery so by then there is less tone to the muscles. Once you start up, with your surgeons permission, more tone should come back and tighten the result more. check with your doctor for any concerns.

Rick Rosen, MD
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Extended Tummy Tuck Results

You won't see the final results of tummy tuck surgery for about 1 year post op.  It takes time for skin that has been elevated with the abdomioplasty or that has been treated with liposuction to bounce back. Patience is the order of the day.  Increase your activity and watch your diet as instructed by your surgeon.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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