How to Achieve This Model's Look? (photo)

Hi I've had some cheek implants done in Early December but to me they look too chipmunky looking and my top/ bottom right lip area still feels numb? I had medium submalar implants inserted through my mouth, Ive attached recent pictures of myself and sum male models. but dnt like the implants, they make my face look fat rather than chisled and contoured not giving me the look I was expecting like the models. Which size/shape implant gives cheeks/cheekbone stuctured/chisiled definition?

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Concerns after submalar implants

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It is possible to have some temporary numbness after the placement of submalar implants, and normally this should resolve with time.  If there was an injury to the nerve during the surgery, then it is possible that the numbness can be permanent.  When numbness does occur, whether it is temporary or permanent, it normally would only affect the upper lip, but not the lower lip.  Submalar implants help to add volume to the lower/medial cheek area.  A malar implant is placed higher and more lateral on the cheek to accentuate the cheek bones.  If you were trying to obtain a more prominent cheek bone, then you should use a malar implant instead of a submalar implant.  

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Implants for High Cheekbone Look

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Submalar implants are not going to create a high cheekbone look. They add fullness to the bottom of the cheekbone which is why your cheeks look full and rounder and not angular. A different type of cheek implant is needed to create your desired look. The numbness after cheek implants is not uncommon and will completely go away in a few months.

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