How Good is Invisalign at Removing Spaces After Tooth Extraction?

i visited my ortho today and he said he can remove my underbite by removing my lower pre-molars.i wanted to know how good invisalign is at closing the space and how long it takes also compared to other braces. and is pre-molar extraction painful?

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Invisalign is pretty good in closing spaces.

However,sometimes we need to combine invisalign with braces to help to close the gaps.

The premolar extraction is not supposed to be painful at all. You will be anesthetized during the procedure.

Santa Ana Dentist

Invisalign and lower premolar extractions.

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Lower premolar extractions may be an acceptable treatment plan in some cases of underbite, depending on degree of underbite, tooth crowding, jaw position, facial profile, and other factors.  Using Invisalign to close the spaces in a case where lower premolars are extracted is not advisable, unless you are committed to using regular braces after Invisalign to un-tip the teeth.  You should be sure to ask your doctor about the final result if Invisalign alone is proposed for this treatment plan.  As far as pain from extractions goes, you should not have a great deal of post-op pain with use of normal pain killers, and you should feel no pain at all during the procedure with normal anesthesia and sedation. 

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Removing Lower Pre-molars to Correct Underbite...Good Idea?

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This is NOT a common way to address this problem and doing it with Invisalign would also yield compromised results. Seek a second opinion.

Limitation of clear aligner therapy

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If an entire tooth width space needs to be closed then the invisalign option is not going to be very effective. The clear trays can push teeth but to bodily move and entire root that distance would be a waste of time and money. It may push the teeth and tip them but you would be getting subpar treatment.

J. Willis Baker, DDS
Wichita Dentist

Closing premolar spaces

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Fixing underbites is difficult, e ven with braces.  Correcting with lower premolar extractions is not a common procedure and I would certainly get a second opinion before doing this.  In addition, closing lower premolar spaces just with Invisalign is a difficult procedure and may require fixed appliance at the end to parallel the roots.  All in all, make sure before you start

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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