What is a Good Implant Size for a Small Frame 5'4 118 Lbs?

I'm currently a 34b and I'm having trouble choosing an I plant size. I'm active and workout 6 days a week and don't want to be to big. What would be a good range that would fit my frame? I'm trying not to get caught up in size rather than what would fit my body type. I have a long torso and a decent amount of breast tissue.

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What is a good implant size for a small framed person, 5'4'', 118 lbs.?

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You are now a B cup, so you have some breast tissue even though you are small framed. The question is, what size do you want to be? Your PS has to try to create the proper size for your body and what you visualize as your best size. As an athlete, I would suggest to be very conservative.

With that in mind, I suggest that you visit your PS and have him/her use the Mentor sizing kit. These mimick implants even though they don't look like the breast implants that you will receive. Place various sizes in your bra and then put on a tee shirt and look into a mirror from every angle until you find the size that you like.

After performing lots of augmentation mammoplasties for over 35 years, the above method has proven to be the best prediction for the implant sizes that make my patients happy. Good luck.

Breast implant sizing

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In general, the normal range of breast sizes is A-C for a given chest circumference and by definition, D cups are out of proportion and "too big". The approach I use is to agree on what size the patient is starting from based on her chest circumference and comparison to other women with this chest circumference. An implant is then chosen based on the width of the patient's breast upright and with arms down. The effect of a properly sized and positioned round implant will then be about a cup size increase for the lowest profile saline or gel implants, a cup-and-a-half increase for the middle profile, and two cups sizes for the highest profile (all with the same base width). This is similar to finding out what size shoe fits your foot rather than starting from a chosen size and working backwards. (Of course you can't try on a breast implant in the same way and I find external sizing systems to be very misleading and unhelpful). 

If you are a mid B cup now, you could go up a cup size or a cup-and-a-half with a properly fitted and positioned implant and not be "too big" but I would concentrate on where you're starting from, what is realistic as increases, and what size you would feel comfortable with within what is feasible. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Implant sizing kits are helpful in choosing implant size.

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In my office, we use an implant sizing kit which has helped our patients choose their size with much higher satisfaction rates. Essentially, we take your current measurements to determine what implant sizes work well for your body. This usually gives a range of +/- 300cc. Then, the implant sizing system is used within your own bra to give a very good idea of what different size implants do for your overall body. The Mentor sizing kit is an excellent way to show you how you would look with different sized implants in real life - no computer imaging or rice bags needed. This allows you to focus more on the outcome of a size rather than the number of "cc's".

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing the right implant

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In order to suggest what would be a good size for you, would require a consultation to discuss your goals, and to perform a physical examination.

What size implant??

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I wouldn't want to hazard a guess without at least a photo, and some idea of what you expect in terms of size. What I would recommend is a visit to a surgeon to try on implants. The implants look a little bigger when tried on over the breast than they do  when the same size is used, so expect a suggestion to go about 5-10% larger than the trial implant. 


Bring a t-shirt or a shirt or blouse that  you can put on over the implant and bra  to get an idea of what the size will look like when you are wearing the type of top you like to wear.\


Most surgeons prefer placing implants under the pectoralis muscle, but in patients who do a lot of exercise, particularly if it involves upper body weight lifting, your surgeon might suggest implants above the muscle if your anatomy permits.


Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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