What Does a Good Draw Mean?

I had coolsculpting done to my lower stomach today. I have no pain and just a little numbing. Alot of fat was sucked into the vacuum but when they took it off my fat didnt look like alot of the people's pictures on here ( stick of butter) so does this mean I'm probably going to get crappy results ? Honesty

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CoolSculpting Vacuum Application

CoolSculpting only works on the fat inside the applicator chamber.  For a patient to be a good candidate there must be sufficient fatty tissue in a specific area and it must be soft enough to be pulled or "drawn" into the applicator.  The body eliminates these damaged fat cells over the next three months so results cannot be predicted before then.  The existence or lack of numbness or pain is not an indication of results.  Every body may respond a little differently to CoolSculpting and a patient with a very solid 'stick of butter' appearance may have the same results as a patient with a softer fat pocket at removal.  Massage immediately following the applicator removal can increase results by 68%.  At my Raleigh NC practice we also offer patients Vibrational Therapy for elimination of those broken down fat cells.  Compression garments may be used as well.

CoolSculpting Complete is a package that is offered at my practice which includes dual machines, compression garments, and vibrational therapy.  We also are able to offer patients Instant Rebates for a free CoolSculpting treatment with each treatment purchased.  Patients who require a second treatment or need multiple areas treated enjoy this discount.

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Effectiveness for fat loss with Zeltiq's coolsculpting

most patients derive good benefit from CoolSculpting despite their immediate results. Some get a red firm slab of butter and others get just a cool area of skin.

follow-up with your provider.

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Good draw

Not everyone looks the same when the applicator is removed and just because you didn't have the appearance of the pink/red frozen stick of butter doesn't mean you won't have good results.  We look for a sufficient amount of tissue to be drawn into the applicator...the more the better.  This is what determines a "good draw" more than what the area looks like after treatment.  If the tissue is drawn completely into the chamber and the remains well adhered for the duration of the treatment then you've had a good draw, regardless of its appearance later.   No worries. Good luck! 

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CoolSculpting Good Draw

A good draw simply means that there was adequate suction to ensure that enough tissue was sucked into the CoolSculpting applicator.  The more tissue is sucked into the applicabor, the more fat can be treated. 

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Coolsculpting results depend on a good draw.

A good draw means that enough skin and subcutaneous fat was drawn into the coolsculpting applicator and would then be in contact with the cooling plates. If your tissue to be treated is not drawn in far enough into the applicator the fat bulge can not be treated. The key was whether your skin and fat bulge was cold after the applicator was removed.

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Good draw

good draw just means how much tissue is being pulled into the machine.  the more tissue pulled into the cup, the more tissue is being frozen.  many patients equate the amount of pain and numbness to the amount of change they are going to see, but this is not necessarily true. 

Eric Chang, MD
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