Is There a Good Doctor for Injectable Fillers in Manhattan?

Every week for 6 wks a well-known Manhattan dermatologist has been trying to place filler in the tear trough. I look terrible, cheek lumps, bumps, "pot holes" from uneven filling, bruises, filler showing through. Is there a dr in NYC that honestly knows how to use filler under the eye? It's difficult because there're so many dishonest & poor quality drs in NYC, particularly for cosmetic procedures, but I wanted to find someone here, not fly back and forth to the West Coast. Any hope?

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Fillers along the lower lid region

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Filling the tear torugh region can be a problem if not done properly leading to lumps and bumps. If you are having trouble with it, you may want to have it dissovled first before going ahead to have more injected.

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