What's a Good Compression Garment After a BBL?

I underwent surgery June 6th and my PS told me not to ware any type of compression on my butt until 2 weeks in. He told me after my two weeks I can get a full garment. Does this sound right and what is a good garment? My hips are really swollen:( Thanks for your help

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Good Compression Garment After a BBL?

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Your hips are really swollen.That's how they should be at this stage to have a good result eventually.Since 30 to 40 % fat that is being transferred will be lost ( reabsorbed ) in the process of healing.Compression garments are not for the butt.In fact the garments used after BBL are specially deigned to have no compression over the butt and have compression only for the donor area to come into shape without having a seroma or loose skin.

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