whats a good company to use for financing without having good credit?

my credit is not good and im looking to get breast implants. im in the atlanta area and will be looking to get this procedure done in the next month or two. please help me with this question!!

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Financing Option For Patient Without Good Credit

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We work with a financing company called Crelogix based in Canada. They have very good options for patients with a variety of backgrounds.

Financing breast augmentation

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If you had a consultation ask the Surgeons office. They may have a connection to a local Bank giving reasonable loans. The office may also offer Care Credit.
If you did not have a consultation yet call Plastic Surgeons offices and inquire if and how they can help you obtain Financing. In this times we all receive such calls frequently before even seeing patients in the office. 


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Thank you for the question.

You should check at your plastic surgery clinic, normally they can be the best ones to give you this information and referral.

Dr. Campos

Credit for plastic surgery procedures

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Care Credit is a reputable company that gives loans for cosmetic procedures. They will look at your credit and let you know whether or not you qualify for any of their plans

Janet Turkle, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Whats a good company to use for financing without having good credit?

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Thank you for the question.

In our practice, we use Care Credit as well as other companies; they have been used by our patients with no problems.  They do have different rates so please make sure you get all of the information you need prior to signing up with any financing company.

Generally speaking, it is always in patients' best interests to achieve a certain degree of financial stability prior to undergoing elective surgery of any type. Patients should also keep in mind that additional surgery may be necessary in the short or long term, following the primary procedure that is being performed;  this additional surgery may be associated  out-of-pocket expenses. Again, best to achieve a physical, emotional, psychosocial, and financial “stable state” prior to considering elective plastic surgery. Best wishes.


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