Amount of CC Needed for Full B/Small C?

My PS and I have been talking about 286cc or 304cc, he wants me to go with 304 cc, but I am worried that I may not look natural. I don't want people to really find out that I had breast augmentation done. My height is 5'7"-8" Weight 120 lbs I currently have a 34A (on the smaller side of 34A) Please give me advice! My op is next week.

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How to choose the right breast implant size?

It is always difficult and stressful for patients to choose the right implant size. As a general rule a cup size is between 150-170 cc. It seems as though either implant will get you to your desired results. A thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon, trial of implants with a bra and mirror, and ideally a 3D system aid in the decision making. Lastly, remember that 15 cc is the amount of fluid in one tablespoon.

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