Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Lip Lift?

I've had a long philtrum since I can remember (I'm 31 now). My lips are also very thin & oddly shaped. The middle of my top lip comes down to a point & almost overlaps my bottom lip, like a turtle. I had jaw surgery 15 yrs ago to fix TMJ & crossbite. My jaw/bite is still off a bit, which adds more oddness to my lips. I don't EVER want to go through jaw surgery again, but I was wondering if I would benefit from a lip lift & fillers? I want them fixed desperately & would love fuller lips. Help!

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Would I Be A Good Candidate For An Upper Lip Lift And Fillers?

You are actually a perfect candidate for an upper lip lift.  It will increase the vermillion (red lip show), and also show more upper teeth which is a more attractive and youthful look.  I believe 5-7 mm will give you the desired results, and I prefer the technique of Hoefflin with darts into the nostril sill which effectively hides the scar entirely. 

Fillers are always a good idea to make lips fuller.  Here I prefer Alloderm, which when performed by an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon can last over 5 years. 

Good candidate for Upper Lip Lift

Thank you for your excellent photos and description.  The main goal of the upper lip lift is to increase the visibility of the upper teeth when your mouth is relaxed.  In your photos - your upper lip covers your upper teeth.  Upper lip lift will also give the appearance of a fuller upper lip without the need for fillers.  However, the balance of your lips is not good so I would recommend a fuller lower lip with fillers at the time of upper lip lift.  You also need some support for the corners of the mouth which are mildly turned down.  Hope that this is helpful.

Upper Lip Lift

Many thanks for the excellent photos, which along with your narrative explain the situation.  Examination in person to determine the effect of upper lip lift would be important.  There is no upper dental show when you part the lips, and I would like to see how much upper lip lift is required to show your upper teeth.  Another feature I would consider changing is the inclination  of your interlabial fissure so it is more horizontal rather than higher centrally and lower laterally.  This would soften your expression, and may be accomplished by a combination of lateral lip lift and filler.  Filler at the commissures and or anguloplasty to upturn the corners of your lips would also soften your expression to a less stern appearance.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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