Good Candidate for Tattoo Excision? (photo)

I have a 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inch tattoo on my wrist but I don't know if this part of the body is a good place for excision because of the veins and everything and if it would be necessary to do a staged excision.Also I've heard that some parts of the body have trouble with cauterization. The recruiter said laser removal might not remove it completely and I definitively don't want ink spots on my wrist. I know there will be scarring but if it's possible to get it completely removed I'm ok with that.

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Tattoo excision can be performed in some cases when there is enough tissue and skin laxity to warrant an incision and ensuing scar. 

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Based on the photograph provided, it looks like a black inked tattoo. It is fairly removal by a laser procedure with few treatments. However you must go to physician/laser specialist who has experience in treating these type tattoos.  We have had very good results treating tattoos at various locations. Consult a board certified dermatologist/laser specialist and a plastic surgeon to hear various laser & surgical options and the outcome, before you make a decision.

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Tattoo Excision Candidate?

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Thank you for the question and picture.

I think that, everything considered, you will be better off with laser tattoo removal.  Although this process is time consuming, expensive and may leave you with some residual ink, I think you will be better off than having scars on your wrists.  These scars may forever be a source of questioning for example "have you tried to hurt yourself?". Also skin elasticity in this area is limited; multiple stages would be necessary if you decide to go the excision route.

I hope this helps.

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