My nose is bulbous, over projected, and wide. Would I be a good candidate for Rhinoplasty? (photo)

My nose is bulbous, over projected, and wide. I'm unhappy with the its appearance, especially while I'm smiling. 1. What can be done to correct the droopiness and wide appearance of my nose while smiling? My nose needs a lot of tip work. 2. Is there any way to prevent the pinched tip look while still removing the right amount of cartilage? 3. Overall am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty? Thanks!

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Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

The best candidate for rhinoplasty is someone who has identifiable problems with their nose that bother them and there are clear cut ways to make those problems better.  In the case of a bulbous tip and dorsal hump, these are problems that are well addressed by a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon and can generated an amazing transformation of a patient's over all look. 

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bulbous tip rhinoplasty candidate

 the bulbous tip is best treated with a combination of cartilage removal and suturing of the left and right lower lateral cartilage is together to feminize and refine the tip of the nose. Osteotomies are  performed for narrowing the nasal bones. His this will also help with narrowing the nose upon  smiling.  Releasing the depressor septi ligament will help with the drooping tip one smiling as well

William Portuese, MD
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Are you ready for rhinoplasty

If you are unhappy with your nose, and have some clear ideas of what you would like, the question is, are you ready for rhinoplasty. Results can be subtle and changes should fit your face and features. There are ways to get things just right, so be careful selecting a surgeon.

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Subtle refinement would be best

Chloe, You have a very attractive face and I would not recommend drastic changes to your nose. I do however feel that subtle changes would be appropriate

Your nose has a little too much width of both the bridge and tip. Conservative 

thinning of these  structures and slight tip elevation would be best . This would give a more sculpted look and refinement rather than reshape

Algird R. Mameniskis, MD
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Would I Be a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty

You facial balance is very nice. I would recommend a tip refinement procedure to give your tip some definition. You should have a great result.  Please consult an experienced board certified Plastic Surgeon.

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A Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty

chloe 101 from the amount of information you have provided I would consider you an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty, primarily because you have identified specific abnormalities regarding your nose and have requested that your nose not be made to resemble someone else's.  For me the most important thing in identifying a good candidate is realistic expectations and the desired to appear natural and nonsurgical.  Addressing your specific questions a combination of things are done to refine the tip and increase tip support to reduce collapsing during facial expression.  Trimming of the tip cartilages, changing the length of the tip cartilages to create slight rotation of the nose and strengthening the columella with a columellar strut or batten will refine and strengthen the tip.  There are multiple ways to avoid a pinched surgical appearance to the nasal tip, all of which are dependent on the nature of the underlying cartilages.  A avoiding a pinched tip is certainly a primary desire for rhinoplasty patients and most rhinoplasty surgeons. Returning to your primary question and answering it with the information I have available you appeared to be a good candidate.  A rhinoplasty would primarily create a nose which is complementary to your high cheekbones, full lips and attractive eyes.  Rhinoplasty should be viewed as eliminating a distraction from the other attractive facial features.

Edward Farrior, MD
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You are a Good Rhinoplasty Candidate!

You are an attractive woman with nicely balanced facial form and features, overall.

Your nasal tip, unlike the rest of your facial features, lacks definition, and as a result, is more obvious to you.

Based on the limited information provided through the photographs, I would recommend an open rhinoplasty with tip elevation and refinement for improved consistency with the rest of your face.

Once you find your surgeon of choice, take time to carefully and accurately articulate your concerns regarding any particular unwanted features, ie pinched nose, etc. 

Good luck.


Morgan E. Norris, III, MD, FACS
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Tip Rhinoplasty Candidate

Looking at the photos provided, I think you are a reasonable candidate for at least a tip rhinoplasty surgery. In good hands, this type of rhinoplasty surgery can be done with excellent cosmetic results while avoiding the dreaded pinched nasal tip appearance. Good luck.

John M. Hilinski, MD
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Rhinoplasty for the natural resul

Your nose can be proved with a natural result IF you have an experienced surgeon who does natural noses and does what you want and not what he wants. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

You are an excellent candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. You can avoid a pinched tip when decreasing the width and droopiness by selecting an experienced surgeon who achieves natural results.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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