This is person a Good Candidate for JeNu?

the person is 23 and thinking about getting a JeNu.  Would it prevent future wrinkles. Should they buy it or does it really only work for women who already have fine lines? 

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JeNu for Youth

I think it would be fine to get a JeNu and start using it in your early 20s. There should be some preventative use for it. It will help to hydrate the skin and keep it looking young. The eye treatment cream has Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and hyaluronic acid. All of these should help to build collagen and maintain cellular health. You can also use on your lips to plump them - at any age. I have 3 very young nurses (in their 20s) who are using their JeNu Devices and love them.

Seattle Dermatologist
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Preventive maintenance with JeNu

We are increasingly appreciating the importance of preventive maintenance with things like sunscreen, as well as active ingredients such as retinol. When used with specially formulated products, JeNu will enhance the uptake of the active ingredient so it is really never too early to start.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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