I've never been happy with my teeth and would like to do something about it. Would I be a good candidate for Invisalign? (Photo)

I have never been happy with my teeth and would like to do something about it. I would like to get rid of the spaces and bring the tooth that sticks out back into place on my right side. If so, how much do you think my procedure would cost? Any help is appreciated

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Depends on the severity of your case

Unfortunately it will take a clinical examination and some more information to determine whether or not Invisalign is best for you. For instance, we can’t see how your back teeth are in alignment with one another from this photo. Typically it is ideal for minor to moderate misalignment needs, but not as much for severe malocclusion throughout the mouth.

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Invisalign would be great at...

Based on your photos, I think that Invisalign would be a great option for you.  It would allow you to close any spaces between your teeth an also relieve crowding of other teeth.  Invisalign works great for these kinds of issues.  Be sure to research a great cosmetic dentist that will be able to offer you additional options that may include whitening and bonding or more.
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Invisalign is applicable to any orthodontic problem and it is faster, more comfortable, and healthier. In addition it has a lot of cosmetic advantages. I have been doing Invisalign for 16 years and although your picture and information is not adequate to give you a specific answer,  Invisalign can be a quite reasonable investment and many offices offer financing which can make the cost as little as $95 per month.  I would recommend you get a consultation with a general cosmetic dentist who is experienced with Invisalign.

Invisalign seems like it may be a viable choice for you

In general, it would be a bit rash to say that you are definitively a good Invisalign candidate based upon the very limited information contained in that single photo.  For instance, one cannot see the anteroposterior relationships of your posterior teeth (bicuspids and molars), etc.

It is true that Invisalign is predictably effective in cases with mild dental spacing, mild misalignments (without severe rotations), mildly excessive vertical overlap of the incisors, etc.

I would suggest that you find an experienced orthodontist (that is experienced in Invisalign specifically) near you and contact them for an in depth consultation.  They would then be able to look at your dental alignment in three dimensions,in the context of your facial/smile aesthetics, in relation to your supporting periodontium (gums and bones), and in context to the dynamic movements of your jaw.

Moreover, you could discuss your goals for treatment and they could bring up aspects of treatment that you may not have thought of.

Costs vary between regions and between offices, so I would suggest that you do some local research.  The key is to work with an orthodontist that is experienced with Invisalign and that you feel is interested and aware of your particular goals--someone with whom you can communicate well.

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