Am I a good candidate for chin augmentation/implant and neck lipo?

I'm a 46-year-old male, and have disliked my profile most of my life. Recently I've considered a chin implant and neck lipo. I'm in good health, about 165 lbs, 5'10". Would chin implant and neck lipo make a noticeable difference? Would another procedure like rhinoplasty make a marked difference? Any Santa Barbara, CA PS recommendations?

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Am I a good candidate for chin augmentation/implant and neck lipo?

The only way to determine if you are a candidate for any procedure is to be seen in person for a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.  A photo would be helpful to visualize the concerns you wrote about.  Generally speaking, if your chin is weak, a chin implant with neck lipo can help with that, sometimes even coupled with a rhinoplasty.  At times, just lipo to your neck helps a great deal.  Best bet would be to see a board certified plastic surgeon for an in office consultation.  Use that time to go over your concerns, gain realistic expectations and then get the options that are best for you.  ac

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Chin lip relationship

Lots if people who want a rhinoplasty because they feel their nose is too big actually have a weak chin and would be better served with a chin implant.  When combined with neck liposuction the results can be dramatic.  One way to check if your chin is weak is to look at the relationship of the chin to the lower lip in profile.  The chin should at least even with the lower lip.   You might be a good candidate for it and I would recommend you get the opinion of a board certified plastic surgeon

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Better Definition of Neck and Chin

Thank you for your question.  The decision for the right surgery to improve the contour of your jaw is an important one that should be carefully considered.  It depends on the relationship of your upper jaw and lower jaw, how your teeth align, how much neck fat you carry and what your goals are.  A chin augmentation with neck liposuction can make a very good change in the right person.  Have a consultation with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Chin Implant and Neck Lipo?

The patient asking this question did not submit an photo. Liposuction and chin implants are related only by being in the same area. A patient needing liposuction of the necki/and or jowls would have a visible excess of fatty tissue in those areas, as determined both by inspection and pinching the skin to see how much subcutaneous fatty excess is present. Chin implants or surgical advancement of the chin bone are ways of correcting a retrusive chin, depending on the degree of underdevelopment of the chin bone. For mild cases it is easiest and most straightforward to put in a silicone or other biocompatible chin implant. If there is too much retrusion then a sliding genioplasty or some variation can be done to actually advance the bone forward. This involves cutting the bone in a horizontal direction and moving it forward, then fixing it in place with a plate. Siicone chin implants are the most commonly done chin augmentation. When indicated it can make a big difference in both enhancing the profile and taking up slack under the chin, making a better contour of the angle between the underside of the chin and the neck.
Rhinoplasty patients sometimes ask for chin implants to balance the profile. The nose becomes smaller, and less prominent, and the chin comes forward, usually a pleasing combination.

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Am I a good candidate for chin augmentation/implant and neck lipo?

Impossible to tell without pictures. If you are uncomfortable posting pictures, then get a private consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Chin implant

Photos or an examination are a must in order to make a recommendation but if you feel you would like to see a change in your appearance go to a board certified PS or surgeons in your area and get their opinion. Dr. Corbin

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Am I a good candidate for chin augmentation/implant and neck lipo?

  Pictures or an exam would be helpful.   If your chin is recessed, a chin implant can help.  If you have some fat underneath the skin below the chin, submental liposuction can help.  The two together work very nicely, but an exam would have to determine if appropriate.

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Neck liposuction, chin enlargement for a man

Many men have heavy necks.
A neck lift and neck liposuction will help a lot - unless the fat is under the platysma muscle.
(Your surgeon will tell you after examining you).
A chin implant and rhinoplasty can also help, depending on your situation.
See a Board Certified plastic surgeon for a full facial evaluation.

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Chin implant

It is impossible to answer your question without any photos.  Please resubmit your questions with a front view and a side view at the least.  If you are not comfortable posting photos, seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon in person.  Many, including myself, offer complimentary consultations.  Best of luck.

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Am I a good candidate for chin augmentation/implant and neck lipo?

You are asking us to comment on what can be done to change the shape of your face without our having any knowledge of what that shape is. It would not be possible under those circumatances to make any meaningful comment. If you would like to resubmit your question with front and side view photos we can give you some thoughts.

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