Good Candidate for Cheek Reduction/Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

When I'm speaking/smiling, my cheeks look even chubbier than in the photos. The rest of my body is relatively skinny so I can categorically say that its not obesity. My face is already fairly wide so I don't think adding to my cheekbones would be good. I'm 24 and judging by older members of my family this 'baby fat' won't be gone anytime soon (it seems to be a genetic feature). Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Buccal fat removal to improve definition of cheeks

Based on your pictures you appear to be a candidate for buccal fat removal.  It would help improve the contour and definition of your cheek bones my removing some of the excess volume below them.  

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Buccal fat removal candidacy

It is very difficult to tell from a photograph if buccal fat removal is beneficial.  An in office examination is often much more accurate in helping determine the cause of the fullness along the cheek.  You are quite astute to observe your family member's faces have aged to help see if you a are a candidate as well.

Patients must be selected properly for buccal fat pad removal, as chosing an inappropriate candidate can lead to a premature gaunt look in the face.

Critera to see if candidate for buccal fat pad removal:

1.  Family history of "full" faces-  Families with full faces who age with full faces are likely to benefit from buccal fat removal.  Families whose fuller faces eventually turn gaunt should avoid this procedure
2.  Buccal fat excess-  There are multiple fat pads in the face.  The key is to determine if buccal fat pad removal is beneficial


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