Good Candidate for BBL . Can Butt and breast work be done the same day? (photo)

I am 28 , female mother of one . 5'8 and 133lbs do not execercise and can't gain weight. I'm not happy whit my body and wish to have bbl ans breast Implants so here are my questions. 1-I wish to have more kids in the future would any of these surgery affect my deliry or breast feed my child. 2- I really want a natural look and it seems that the bbl is the best bet BUT am I a good candidate for the procedure? I really do not mind gaining some weight if I knew how to

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Butt lift

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You actually have a nice figure.  I certainly would not ruin it by intentionally gaining weight just so there is more fat available for a bbl.  That's a mistake in my opinion.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Thank you for the pictures.

In my opinion I don't think you're a candidate for this procedure unless you gain about 20 pounds. Skinny patients have to have real expectations on results.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift and Can I Have Breast Work the Same Day?

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Buttocks augmentation along with breast augmentation or breast lift with augmentation can be done the same day. Thinner women would have to have realistic expectations (in other words don't over expect on the degree of buttocks augmentation). A patient similar to the pictures shown could have fat removed from the abdomen, waist, and posterior thighs and get a moderate buttocks augmentation. The side view with arms raised, suggest that a breast lift might be needed. Buttocks augmentation will not have any effect on pregnancy, but if there were significant nipple numbness from the breast surgery, that could affect breast feeding. This would be a very rare occurence.

Robert M. Lowen, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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Good Candidate for BBL . Can Butt and breast work be done the same day? (photo)

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Your posted personal photo demonstrate the lack of fat so NO WAY you are a candidate for a BBL unless you gain 20 pounds!. As for breast implants, no popsted breast photos soooo ??? if breast feeding would be effected./// 

Candidate for a BBL?

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Thanks for the pictures.  I would recommend that you complete your family first.  Your pregnancy will change your body and breast shape and effect your result.  Secondly, you are not a candidate for fat transfer to the buttocks.  The only way to achieve a more shapely buttocks would be with implants.  I would not perform the procedures at the same time.

Dr. ES

Am I A Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Dear crepe23,

The Brazilian Butt Lift (ie. using your own fat to augment the buttocks) is an excellent and popular way to enhance the buttocks.

In order to be a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift, you need to have a sufficient amount of fat to "donate" to your backside. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, most women, even slender ones, have enough fat to donate. Based on your photos, however, you may be one of the exceptions. While an examination is needed to make an actual determination, your photos suggest that you have a naturally lean build with low body fat that may make the Brazilian Butt Lift suboptimal.

Buttock augmentation using implants is an alternative option.

Please see an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation.

Larry Fan, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Based on the pictures posted, you have little fat to harvest for BBL. However depending on your desired look, there is some fat that can be taken and transferred to the buttock for a natural look. The breast lift with or without an augmentation will enhance your body image

Samir Shureih MD. FACS

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Good Candidate for BBL . Can Butt and breast work be done the same day?

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Even in thinner patients, there is usually enough fat to get at least 600 to 700 cc per buttock.  The breast surgery and BBL can be performed together.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Butt and Breast: Same Day, New Shape!

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Even though you feel like you may not have enough fat, we can usually harvest enough from the flanks, lower back and inner thighs to then inject into your buttocks.  So don't worry about gaining weight.
Kids wouldn't affect any of these procedures but kids may stretch out your abdominal wall muscles so that a tummy tuck may be necessary in the distant future. But no need to worry about that now. To check pricing for these procedures, follow the Web Reference Link below.

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