Are Lumineers the only no-surgery veneers now on the market?

Are there comparable alternatives to Lumineers?

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There are other no prep veneers besides Lumineers

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The public has been saturated with marketing,,commercials on TV and in magazines regarding Lumineers, which is a product of Denmat.  They have spent a lot of money getting the Lumineer name out there in front of the public and their ad campaign has been very successful. However, there are two other no prep veneers that dentists use...Durathin and Vivaneers.  They all are the same thing....just manufactured by a different lab.  In our practice, we use Vivaneers.  Most of the time, unfortunately, patients are not good candidates for no prep veneers and to give them the smile they want, we usually end up doing veneers.  The tooth reduction is minimal but there is reduction where with the no prep, there is no reduction and consequently, no drill!

Van Nuys Dentist

No, there are many other brands.

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Lumineers have become a household name for so-called "no prep" veneers due their heavy marketing and ad campaign.  There are a host of other dental laboratories that make such veneers which actually are superior to Lumineers.  No prep means you have molds of your teeth taken one visit and have the Lumineers glued on your teeth the next visit without having your teeth touched by a drill.  Fact of the matter is that only a small percentage of people seeking veneers are candidates for no-prep veneers.  However, a larger percentage are candidates for "minimal-prep" veneers which involves shaving down teeth are out of alignment.

Michael Firouzian, DDS
Columbus Dentist

Lumineers vs Veneers

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Lumineers are a brand name for 'low prep' veneers.  there are literally 100's of dental labs in the USA alone that make 'low prep veneers.'  only about 1% of patients actually qualify for ZERO PREP veneers.  DenMat has extensively marketed their product - Lumineers.   Many patients do qualify for 'low prep Lumineers'... but... the biggest complaint of Lumineers is that patients feel that their teeth become bulky after they are placed.  Lumineers are to teeth as acrylic nails are to natural nails. One 'myth' with Lumineers is that they are reversable.  Lumineers (and veneers) are BONDED to the enamal of your teeth.  this is IRREVERSIBLE.  Over the last decade, there have been many advances in Veneer technology.  This has made it possible for properly trained dentists to place veneers that look like natural teeth that are white, straight, and proportioned to fit YOUR profile (and are not 'bulky'). 

Annalee S. Kruyer DDS
Las Vegas Dentist

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