What's a Good Alpha-Beta Peel For Acne and To Improve Skin Tone?

I want to get a professional Alpha-Beta peel to clear acne and improve skin-tone. What brands of AHA-BHA peel provide good results and in what concentrations should I look for?

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Improving Acne and Skin Tone

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The results of chemical peels are relatively unpredictable. If you are looking for the best way to clear acne and improve skin tone, you should first understand how these conditions are caused. In some people, acne is a matter of having blocked skin pores caused by environmental dirt and makeup.

It can also be more severe in other patients due to elevated hormone levels which cause the oil producing sebaceous glands to be more active.  The presence of bacteria can lead to inflammation.  The right treatment needs to address these issues at deeper levels instead of causing the outer layer of the skin to peel.

The Spectra laser can not only a deeper level of cleansing for blocked pores, it can also reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands and kill bacteria as well. This laser system can also break up melanin pigment so that your body eliminates it from the surface of the skin, resulting in an improved skin tone.

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