How much would botox for jawline reduction cost?

I'm just wondering what the most would be for jawline contouring using botox in Australia? I heard it has something to do with shrinking the masseter muscle? Not after exact price just ideas. Thanks

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How much would botox for jawline reduction cost?

This is a great way to shape the jawline, and give a more square jawline a more angular look. Usually it can require anywhere from 50-60 units of BOTOX. Depending on where you go the price a unit can vary from 10-14 dollars a unit. Average is usually about 12.

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How much would botox for jawline reduction cost?

Botox can be very effective for jawline slimming in people with hypertrophic masseter muscles. Typically requires about 50U total. The cost will vary by region and injector but $500-600 or more is common. I hope this information is helpful for you.

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