Why Did My Eye Reject the Gold Weight that was Implanted to Help Closure?

I had a gold weight placed in my eye to help closure. This helped but several weeks later why did my gold weight try and make its way out of my eye.. and had to be removed does this mean my body has rejected or just a post op complication

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Gold weight in eyelid

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Gold is commonly used because generally the body doesn't react against it.  When it extrudes, or makes its way out of the eyelid on its own, there are usually 3 reasons for this:

1) your body is rejecting the gold.  If this is the case, there are alternatives to the gold.  Eyelid weights can be made of platinum and this is commonly used for patients sensetive to gold.  Platinum eyelid weights are more often thinner than gold and thus have less of a thickening effect on the eyelid after it is implanted

2) the weight was not securely placed in the proper pocket.  It should be placed under the muscle and the muscle layer closed meticulously. 

3) the skin and muscle layers in the eyelid are deficient and can not hold the weight in place proplerly.  This may be the case if the eylid has been operated on multiple times, is infected or has been treated with radiation in the past.


Usually, if it makes its way out of the eyelid, the area is left to heal for several months and it can be reimplanted with either the same material(gold) or platinum depending on why it came out in the first place.


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