Do you think that my right breast implant is malpositioned? (photo)

I have had 450cc mentor mod plus for 6 months. It is concerning me that my right breast feels like its falling into my armpit. My doctor says its alright but I don't think it is. I have been concerned about this since I had my operation and he said I was off centre to begin with ( although he never once said this in a consult ). I have included pictures and I look forward to your opinions regards Shelly.

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It looks like your breasts were symmetrical pre-op.  Accordingly, your results are acceptable at this time.  You would have to be examined in person to be sure.

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Breast augmentation result is acceptable considering your preop asymmetry

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Thank you for your question and photographs. I do understand your concern. However looking at your preoperative photos the right breast was significantly different than the left. Considering the fact that you did not have a lift on the right breast and simply had breast implants I think your result is as good as can be expected without a lift.

Post op result

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Thanks for your photos. I agree with the other reviewers that although you have some asymmetry, which was mostly pre-existing, you have a very acceptable result.

Do you think that my right breast implant is malpositioned?

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Reviewing your series of posted photos demonstrates a very acceptable result.. I do not see your issues as being so major but only very minor asymmetries.. Look at your before photos vs the after a very very good result..

Implant malposition?

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I agree with your surgeon that you had preexisting breast asymmetry prior to your augmentation. Your surgeon should have pointed this out preoperatively in your consultation. From your photos it does not appear that the implants are moving outside the boundaries of your breast (armpits). Your right chest/ breast points outward preoperatively and your right chest wall slopes laterally much more than the left. You should address any concerns with your surgeon.

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