Is my implant falling out to the side too much? (photo)

6 mons post 450cc men mod plus. Im sad with my size I'm worried my implant is too far into my armpit. In the pre op when doc drew on me I told him it was off centre. He said dont worry..i wake its still off. Doc says my right breast was slightly to the side than the left...something he never said before my surgery. .I feel its dropping out into my armpit.. need some feedback. Dr. POUSTI I'd come to the States as you do larger implants with internal bra. Comments much appreciated regards Michele.

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Question of asymmetry after breast augmentation

Thank you for your question and photograph. The first half of the first photograph the breast look very symmetrical. The second half that photograph looks quite different.

I cannot tell without examining you if the right breast is laterally displaced or if there was an asymmetry preop. If after another few months the right breast is displaced of the right side a revision may be possible.

Breast aug assymetry

Thanks for your question - hard question to answer - best answered by trying implants on in your bra - impossible to fully address so soon post-op... best to make this decision in person - best of luck!

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