How do we as patients know if we had enough fat taken out?

I had lipo on tummy and inner thighs, 175cm 78kgs - I was expecting Atleast 2 litres of fat to be taken away whilst only 1 litre was removed..? I dontvwajtbto heave to go through whole process again but inthink more should've been taken out..

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Questions about liposuction

    The amount of fat removed in a liposuction procedure will depend on many factors such as surgical technique and individual variance in fatty excess.  The amount can vary significantly between patients. Removing too much fat can result in skin dimpling and contour deformities along with laxity of the cutaneous tissues.  If you did not achieve the result you were expecting, I would suggest you discuss this with your surgeon and determine what options are still possible.

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Taking out the appropriate amount of fat

This is a topic that should always be discussed with the surgeon before the procedure. I do not commit to any certain amount of fat removed. I rather look at before and after pictures and given honest assessment of what each patient can expect in terms of their final appearance. The final decision of how much fat is removed is always up to the surgeon during the procedure. It requires skill and experience to know how much fat should be removed. Best, Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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