I had laser lipo done 5 weeks ago - not enough fat has been removed!

I had laser lipo done 5 weeks ago - I don't believe enough fat was removed and I'm totally disappointed as it cost a lot of money and time has been spent. I had my inner thighs, upper/ lower belly and flanks - only 1 litre removed.. I can still grab my tummy and flanks with chunks of fat.. I believe an extra 2-3 could be removed.. What can I do?

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Unhappy post Lipo

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In general, the fat left behind after completing Lipo is more important than the fat that has been removed. If all of the fat is removed then the patient would not have any curves and this patient would have an unnatural appearance that is not aesthetically appealing. Please be patient, you are still in recovery mode. Exercise, low fat low carb diet, compression as recommended, and keep in touch with your surgeon. All the Best!


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You do need to be patient with it sometimes it can take a while.. 

The other point about the volume of fat is that some surgeons infuse alot more tumescent fluid and although the amount of purified fat that is removed remains the same but the actual volume seems alot more. For example : i infused 1 L of fluid and took out 800ml's but someone might infuse 2L and take out 1.6L. Although the 1.6L seems double but in actual fact when you let the fluid settle overtime the volume of purified fat will probably end up being the same. 

The best thing would be to hive it more time then to see your surgeon at 3 months post op and see your before images. 

Shaz Musavi, MBBS
Sydney Physician


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You are still very early in your healing phase and still have swelling. Also, please remember that no skin was removed. Part of what you are grabbing is skin. Give yourself time to heal and discuss any concerns you have in another 5 months.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Laser Lipo

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With any form of lipo ( traditional, ultrasound or laser) there is a fine line between removing too much and not enough. Having said that, I do believe that only 1 litre removed for the areas you describe is too little. It does depend on how much excess fat in these areas you started off with.

Unfortunately, as the surgery has already been done, you should go back to the Dr/specialist and explain your disappointment to them. In my practice, I do warn clients/patients of insufficient fat removal as an actual surgical complication and in this situation, I will always go back and remove more fat at no extra charge. However, this does not include the hospital if you liposuction was done in a hospital.

My advice is to go back to the doctor and see what options he/she offers you. This would be a good first step.

Robert Goldman, MBBS, FRACS
Perth General Surgeon

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