Hematoma drained through incision 2 weeks pos op after BA. Will this procedure on interfere on results?

I had my 13 yo implants replaced 2 weeks ago due to CC on my right side breast.The implants are now polyurethane Sientra 560HI sub glandular. The left side healed fine, while the right breast was more swollen and bruised. Yesterday the doctor had to evacuate a medium hematoma from the right side, through the incision. What should I be aware of? will this hematoma interfere on my results? Should I have the implant replaced on right side? How would you treat this case?

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Hematoma after breast augmentation

Developing a hematoma after breast augmentation can greatly increase your chances for capsular contracture.  As far as the way it was treated, this is best left to your board certified plastic surgeon who did your surgery.

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