What's Going on with the Profile of my Nose, It's Changed Drastically Throughout This Last Year? (photo)

Okay, so I took a picture of the profile of my nose 4 times(2 prior to nose job and 2 afterwards). It seems that the profile has changed drastically from 2 weeks post op to 1 year post op. Why is that? And, based on the photos, would you have anticipated the nose to change as it had?(Should I be concerned about this?)...Despite this, I think the plastic surgeon did a great job of reshaping the nose, elevating the tip, and correcting the deviated septum...I can breathe so much easier now.

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1 year post-op

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You do have a nice improvement over your pre-operative appearance.  There is a mild supratip (polybeak) deformity as described in the link below

What's Going on with the Profile of my Nose, It's Changed Drastically Throughout This Last Year?

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 The 1 year post op Rhinoplasty photo is quite small and is only a profile but does appear to show some supra-tip fullness.  This can be from scar tissue formation or residual cartilage of the superior, anterior septum.  

Change in Profile over 1 Year Post Rhinoplasty

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The final shape of your nose evolves over 1 year after the rhinoplasty surgery. You had a very difficult nose; while you are significantly improved, you now have a mild polly beak deformity which can be corrected with a revision.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty results

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It takes about year for the final results of your rhinoplasty to be apparent.  Often there is a lot of swelling that takes about year to improve.

Noses changing after a rhinoplasty

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Yes, all noses change for about a year after a rhinoplasty, it takes that long for all of the swelling to subside.

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