Am I really going to be this swollen for weeks? How can I help myself? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck with muscle repair 10 days ago. No lipo. Quilting sutures and drains for 48 hours. I had swelled quite considerably within 24 hours. It is uncomfortable and feel like when I was heavily pregnant! My left side is worse than my right. My PS saw me a couple of days ago and said there was no seroma. Do I just have to be patient? Can I do anything to help reduce the swelling?

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See your surgeon again. I think you may have a hematoma.

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This really is extensive swelling and bruising (more than average) from a tummy tuck, and asymmetric swelling is a further hint that something may be amiss. I think you have a collection of blood and/or serum, and it may have gotten worse since your surgeon evaluated you.

I'd suggest seeing your surgeon again, sooner rather than later. Aspiration or drainage may be appropriate. If you are not satisfied with your surgeon's follow-up, consultation with another ABPS-certified plastic surgeon may be in order, but if you chose an ABPS-certified plastic surgeon in the first place, you should be returning to your surgeon for additional evaluation and treatment. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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