I Am Going to Start the Laser Hair Removal for my Full Bikini and Upper Legs and the Technician Recommended Gentle Max Machine?

Hi, i will start Next week the LHR, for my Full Bikini (which became dark years ago due to shaving) the things is after the Technician has seen me, she said that she will use Gentle Max for my skin. I am still very confused wether it is safe for me or not, cuz i have never heard abt this machine before ? i am so scared from being darker over there!! Plz Help..

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GentleMax for Laser Hair Removal

In my office, we have had great success with the GentleMAX laser by Candela for Laser Hair Removal. It has both the Alexandrite laser an well as the Nd/Yag Laser so there are effective treatment options for most skin colors. If you are concerned about it's effect on the darker skin in that area, ask them to do several test spots first to see its effect on your skin.

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