Going to Need a Revision Face Lift to Fix Saggy Skin from Restylane? (photo)

I went to see a specialist here in Houston and he confirmed my biggest nightmare. The restylane and the wydase have caused majpr sagging in my skin and I will need a revision facelift. What are some of the questions/issues that arise from a secondary lift? I would like to go to the dr who did my chin implant for the revision as I also want a new chin implant. Original facelift and chin implant were 2008-most of the filler is out-I will need more wydase to make sure its all gone. Comments?

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Fillers reversed cause sagging

I have seen this in a patient in whom I reversed her restylene before fat grafting with hyaluronidase. The defect and looseness was ignifiantly more than before the filler was used. I feel the correction and what you decide is up to you and your doctor but I have seen this you are not mistaken

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Going to Need a Revision Face Lift to Fix Saggy Skin from Restylane?

You could consider full facial laser resurfacing to tighten the skin further and to smooth the overall appearance of your skin.  Another option would be Sculptra to add more volume to your face.I have not heard of facial fillers aging the skin.  Since your previous face lift was in 2008 you may want to consider these options before another face lift. 

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Fillers and Wydase causing facial aging

I would say that fillers and wydase causing facial aging is not very common and most surgeons would think that this was not caused by the agents you used but really is due to aging. I would consider filling and volumizing before doing another facelift. You just had one done 4 years ago. Time to consider other options. Fat injections in the face could help alot.

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Do fillers cause facial sagging?

I have to disagree with your specialist. I have been in practice for over 20 years. I have performed many facelift  and filler procedures and have not found any negative effect by the fillers on the sagging of the skin. Neither have I heard of any scientifically based reports that this is happening. It is true however that when the surgeon needs to take into consideration of any fillers which may be present at the time of the facelift. Depending on the filler there may be different issues.

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