Going to a Different Plastic Surgeon for 2nd Surgery?

I had a LBL about a month ago and the results so far are great. In a few months, I'm hoping to have stage 2 of my surgeries, inner thigh lift, arm lift, and breast lift/aug. I paid cash for the first surgery but its becoming reality that I won't have enough saved to get the rest completed by the end of the year. I was approved for carecredit but my current ps doesn't take it. How awkward would it be to go to a different Ps when I'm still getting follow ups with my current ps?

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Different Plastic Surgeon

Before making you decision be sure to speak with your surgeon. Financial policies are not carved in stone, and exceptions can be made particularly to a past patient. 

If you cannot make arrangements to continue with your current surgeon, you should have absolutely no reason to feel badly about changing surgeons.

Thanks and best wishes. 

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Needing a Second Surgeon

I would contact your first plastic surgeon's office and discuss your issues with them just as you have in your question.  I would ask the patient care coordinator to also participate in your discussion.  Many plastic surgeons are very aware of the economic challenges their patients face with the multiple surgeries often required after massive weight loss and will do everything in their power to help.  If after this you are unsuccessful, then I would not feel guilty about seeking a second plastic surgeon to finish your care.  Best of luck.

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Different Surgeon for your 2nd Surgery?

I think your surgeon would want to know your situation.  If you are happy with the results of the first surgery and like your surgeon, I would want you to discuss this issue with him/her and see if the office has any options for you.

This may be a great time for this surgeon to sign up with Care Credit.

Good Luck~!

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Care credit

I agree that it is worthwhile to discuss it with your PS. The old saying "honesty is the best policy" is something I appreciate. Maybe your PS will sign on with care credit.

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Body Contouring Surgery and Care Credit.

You have circumstances that will obviously not let you pursue your dream of having a better shape because of finances, and  this is certainly understandable.  Care Credit has proven to be a wonderful option for many of our patients, and body contouring surgery is  very expensive as you have found out!  I am sure that when you discuss this with your current Plastic Surgeon he or she will appreciate your situation.  They may even have an interest in pursuing Care Credit through their office.


Good luck in your efforts!


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