1 Month Post-op, My Breasts are Different Shapes

What is Going on with my Breast Implants.32c Before 435cc L 395cc R with 1 1/2cm Crescent Lift.My Right Breast is a Complete different shape to my left.sagging&flat at the top&around the nipple,where as my left is perky.is this just part of the healing? i am a month post opp now is this normal? Also my areola, i have searched the whole internet and i cant find one so misshapen.will this come back to some normality?why does it look so lopsided? As u can c i have a rash i have seen2 docs, saying it is allergic reaction.gave me hydrocortisone told me to take Loratadine.done for 4 days now&no improvement.what could it b?

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Breast asymmetry

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At this early point it is a bit early to see the true results which may take several months. It is just too new and the tissues need time to heal.  Good luck.

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