Someone going to mexico for surgery?

I am going to Mexicali with Dr. Gaspar Blanco, has any body met him?

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Surgery in Mexico

When thinking of medical tourism, in addition to knowing who your surgeon is, you should investigate what happens in case you develop a complication.  While cosmetic surgery is usually safe (if performed by a properly trained and certified plastic surgeon in an accredited surgical facility), no one surgeon can guarantee you that nothing goes wrong.  In the unlikely case that you need to be admitted to a local hospital, find out which hospital it would be and whether or not you would trust your life to that medical system.
A friend just came back from a vacation in Mexico.  They were at a resort when his partner became very sick.  They were very lucky that they were able to board a plane and fly home and then take an ambulance directly from the airport to the hospital.  She is now in the ICU and recovering.  Frankly I don't think she would have had a chance if she ended up in the hospital down there......
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