Would Going to Larger Implants Give Me a "Lifted Look"?

I am planning on removing ruptured 26 yr. old implants that are somewhat droopy. I definately do not want the scars from a lift. Would replacing with larger implants fill the stretched skin and give me a lifted appearance?

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Would Going to Larger Implants Give Me a "Lifted Look"?

Your question has to do with what you look like now and how that might change, so without good photos it is not possible to give you a useful answer.

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Lifting without mastopexy

If the current implants are contracted high in the breast and the breast proper droops over the surface you might get a 'lift' as the new implant is positioned within the breast and centered on the nipple. If a lift is not for you, and the implants are due for replacement, see what you get.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Large Implants Vs. Lift

Ms. Melissa, whether or not you will need a lift is determined by a number of factors including the amount of loose skin present and the position of the nipple. 

This is certainly something to discuss with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.  

Keep in mind that if the skin has stretched due to the weight of your current implants, larger implants may worsen this over time.

Although, larger implants can certainly fill out some loose skin, I find they are usually not a substitute for a lift what that is what is needed.  

Jason Altman, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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