Going to Be Going for a Consultation in the Next Few Months, Suggestions and Advice? (photo)

I've lost 122 pounds and i'm extremely unsatisfied with parts of my body. My breasts (once a 42D, currently a 36B) have pretty much deflated. I have a lot of loose skin on my stomach, as well as my thighs. It all just makes me incredibly uncomfortable. The problem is, i'm 20 and will be having children in the next 5 years. I get the logic behind waiting, but i'm so unhappy with how my body looks -- unhealthily unhappy. Any advice regarding this as well as suggestions on what to have done?

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Body contourig

Ideally you want to be done with having more babies before doing breast and tummy tuck surgery.

However you seem to be very unhappy, and that comes through your description.

unfortunately if you do the tummy tuck and breast lift/ augment now , you may need more surgery after the delivery and breast feeding.

I have many patients who had a tummy tuck or breast augmentation and got pregnant without ant diffculty.

Your abdomen may be a challege, it looks you have vertical and horizantal laxity of the skin and you may need a Flur de Lis abdominoplasty for optimal results.

You may have a tummy tuck with no muscle work, your stomack seems flat.

Cobsult a plastic surgeon

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Unhappy with Body Image

I can see your concerns, and you would be a great candidate for a mommy makeover surgery. However, if you are considering children in the future you should wait until you are done as your body will change. You can have surgery before this, but you run the risk of needing a full revision procedure after your subsequent pregnancies. You should see a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a formal opinion through and in-person consultation. Best of luck, Vincent Marin, MD
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What to do after weight loss

There are so many options for correcting the breast and skin excess after significant weight reduction it will help you to have a budget and a plan. We often ask individuals what the biggest conern is and try to focus on that area taking things one step at a time. It is not unreasonable to correct your abdomen, but perhaps an implant to restore volume loss in the breast will help make improvements with the smallest 'trade off'.

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