Going from 390cc to 550cc is Going to Make Me Look Fake? (photo)

I have 390 cc saline implants and going to change them next week but I need to know if 550cc is going to make me look to big; I'm 5 9" and weight 150 pounds. Thanks

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Best Breast Implant Size for Me?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

You will be much better off discussing your concerns and your goals further with your plastic surgeon as opposed to online consultants. Without direct examination and a full communication of your goals we are not in a good position to advise you precisely.

Given that your surgery is up coming soon, I would suggest further in-person consultation with your plastic surgeon. Communication  of your goals ( for example in front of a full-length mirror and/or with the help of goal pictures),  will be critical.  Using words such as “fake” or “too big” can be a source of miscommunication.

Once you have communicated your goals you will likely feel much more comfortable allowing your plastic surgeon to advise you about the best breast implant size/profile that will most closely achieve those goals.

Best wishes with your upcoming revisionary surgery.

Going from 390cc to 550cc is Going to Make Me Look Fake? (photo)

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Make sure the pocket is dissected a bit larger. Than the 550 cc should fit just right. Use HP implant if I was the operating surgeon. 

390cc to 550cc?

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From the photos, and your description of your frame, you should be able to carry the 160cc addition...you should discuss with your surgeon the asymmetry between your nipples if it is bothersome to you.

Kenneth A. Marshall, MD, FACS
Wellesley Plastic Surgeon

Breast Enlargement

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Based on your photos, it looks like you could easily accommodate the 550 cc implants.  However, your issue is not just volume, but asymmetry between the breasts.  Hopefully you have had discussion with your surgeon about other procedures which can be done to help improve your symmetry in order to achieve the best result.


Good Luck.

Going from 390cc to 550cc is Going to Make Me Look Fake?

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I don't think that there will be a problem with your tissues tolerating another 160cc of implant.

I do note on the photos some asymmetry, with a downward pointed right nipple and areola. My hunch is that that will be even more noticeable with larger implants. If you haven't discussed this already with your surgeon, do so before the morning of surgery so that you can review your options in timely and non-rushed atmosphere. 

Thanks for the question, the photos. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Consider the longterm impact of bigger volume breast augs

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while i agree that it is not contraindicated to use significantly larger implants in your situation, you may wish to consider that, because there is also a slight tendency toward drooping evident already, larger and heavier implants may exacerbate that situation.

    you may look better in the short run with the big implants, but several years from now you may look "droopier"  than you otherwise would have...and you might end up needing a breastlift (with its scars) that possibly was avoidable. 

Bruce K. Barach, MD
Schenectady Plastic Surgeon
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My concerns are the nipple positioning and asymmetry. These could be more noticeable, in a negative way, after a larger augment and your surgeon should have a plan to address these concerns. Given your height and weight, I do not think that 500 cc will be too large.

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