Going from 325cc Hp to 275cc Mod or Mod Plus; Will There By a Visible Difference? (photo)

I had my BA 2 months ago, I feel too big Im very active person and feels like its to much heavy after pregnancy , marathons and hard training. I just had tissue no breast at all ..so I had my BA but its too much projection , can i go from 325 to 275 changing also profile to mod or mod + which projection will fit better my skin? will i need a new pocket? also i asked my doctor and he said that he doesnt recommend it for my skin sagging , when its the best time to do it ? Do I need a lift?

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Your chosen Surgeon is going to be your best source of advice

Hi there-

I am going to assume you chose your surgeon carefully and for all of the right reasons...

As such, here is my advice...

2 months after surgery is WAY too early to make a judgment and seek additional surgery. Your breasts are likely to evolve a bit more over the next month or so, and even if this weren't the case, your chances of ending up happy will improve the longer after your initial surgery you wait to have the revision.

With regard to your outcome and how you should proceed towards it, I can only say that I would be very sad if I knew that a patient I had done surgery on two months ago was soliciting opinions on the internet (assuming your surgeon hasn't done anything to make you think he no longer cares about your happiness). Please understand that your chances of being safe and happy, and of being able to look back on your plastic surgery experience positively, are much, much higher if you maintain the open and trusting doctor-patient relationship upon which ALL good healthcare depends. 

Your chosen surgeon is the only one who truly understands what has been done to you so far, and is in the best position to help you along the way to your goal. Wait a suitable period for maturation of your current result, then if still not satisfied, return to your doctor to discuss and review your options. If you chose them well, I'm sure they want you to be happy.

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2 months post surgery is to soon to determine wether you like your size or not you are still very swollen. The swelling last up 6 month to be able to really determine what size your really going to be. from your picture you look proportion with your body. If you still unhappy after 6 month that's when you can see your PS for revision and possible lift for the sagging.

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Downsizing Breast Implants Concerns?

Thank you for the question and pictures.

Given that your breasts demonstrate some ptosis (sagging) pre- operatively,  I can understand your plastic surgeon's concerns about the presence of “skin sagging”.  generally speaking he will be in a much better position to advise you ( as opposed to online consultants). 

What patient sometimes don't understand, is that there are many variables involved in making decisions regarding breast implants...  Nothing replaces in-person examination and a full communication of goals.

Assuming you have chosen your plastic surgeon with care, I would suggest that you communicate your goals with him and allow him to guide you. Again, I think his advice (considering that he knows  your anatomy, skin elasticity, goals…) Will be much more valuable than what I can provide, despite your precise questions and good quality pictures.

Best wishes.

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