I Am Going for Nose Fillers Next Month. This Doctor Uses Polyamide Gel. Can Anyone Advice on Safety of It?

I initially wanted to get rhinoplasty to raise a bit of my nose bridge, and alarplasty because I don't have a nose bridge and when I smile my nostrils flare a little. But doctors overseas are way too costly! I have friends who went to Thailand to get "cheaper" jobs. Came back with natural looking noses. The doctor does not really take into consideration what you want but instead gives you what he thinks is natural. So I decided to try fillers first. Do they have side effects?

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Fillers in the Nose

Unfortunately the use of this type of filler is not proven to be safe or effective. While some fillers in the nose, such as Radiesse, the filler I use, is both effective and safe, other fillers that were originally used for cheeks or undereyes simply don't do well in an area like the nose. I would suggest finding a doctor who is experienced and trained in using Radiesse, as it is the closest to natural bone and least likely to become bumpy.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Injecting filler into the nose is not recommended.

Placing fillers inside the nose is simply not a good idea.  They are not FDA approved for augmenting the nose.  Our practice has seen multiple disasters from this type of use, which is why we do not place any injectables inside the nose.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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