Im Going for a Consult for Butt Augmentation, What Questions Should I Ask?

 I mm 5'2 and 141lbs, I want a nice butt nothing like jlo but some what close how many cc should I ask for

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Fat injection is best, larger volumes produce more dramatic results

Fat injection is the best treatment for fillling out the buttocks.  Implants have too many complications.  It is a good thing if you have an area where substantial fat can be harvested, usually the love handle areas because a reduction in these areas compliments the hourglass figure and helps make the buttocks look rounder.  Your surgeon should have plenty of experience with fat injection in general and with buttock fat injection.  He or she should be using a system that separates the fat as it is suctioned, rather than centrifuging (which is an older technique).

I do ibuttock fat injection frequently.  In fact, I just saw a patient in follow-up whom I treated last week.  Today, many women are having it done at the time of liposuction because they know that (1) fat is a valuable resource and if you discard it, it is no longer available, and (2) the buttocks tend to get flatter as you get older, so it makes sense nice to be proactive.

I typically inject 100-350 cc per side, sometimes more.  I ask the patient how aggressive she wants to be.  I have not yet had a patient say I injected too much fat, so our volumes have increased over the years.  Results have been excellent and there have been very few complications.

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Buttock augmentation

Fortunately there are many alternatives for buttock augmentation. There are implants and fat grafting, both of which can give very nice results. It is important to fully understand both procedures so that you can make the most imformed decision

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Buttock Augmentation or Brazilian Buttock Augmentation in Los Angeles

Brazilian Buttock Augmentation in Los Angeles is a very popular procedure that is performed on a daily basis in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and every town in Southern California. Buttock augmentation with fat micro-grafting is very safe and has excellent long term results depeding on the technique used. I recommend that any patients reivewes before and after pictures and study the plastic surgeons results in order to find the best plastic surgeon for buttock augmentation in los angeles

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