I Am Going to Have Fat Grafting in my Foot Under the Metatarsal Area and Wanted to Know How It Works, How Long It May Last?

What to wear while it heals.

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Fat Grafting To the Foot

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The demands of this area make it very unlikely that you will get a good graft take or long term survival.  The pressure of your weight is likely going to cause resorption.  You need to discuss this procedure further with your surgeon and ask to look at long term studies on this application of fat grafting. All the best.

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Fat Grafting in Foot Under the Metatarsal Area

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    If the fat is being grafted to the ventral portion of the foot, pressure is going to be a huge issue.  I am not sure exactly where or why the fat is being grafted, but I have not offered it to a patient there as whatever is placed must be hearty on its own or will be destroyed by the demands of the foot.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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