Chin Implant tingling and swelling 6 years later?

I had chin implant and fat injections six years ago. There is still swelling and tingling up until today. The last swelling left a visible hardening and sinking skin in the lower part of the cheek.It's like if I try to pull the skin from my cheek it's glued to something. What can be going on?

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Chin Implant

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It sounds you are stating that you have had swelling and tingling on and off for six years.

The most important action you need to take now is have a formal consultation with a plastic surgeon ASAP. Many issues has to be considered now,Starting with nerve impengement causing the tingling to low grade infection which flares from time to time causing the hardening, swelling and retraction  of skin. X-ray evaluation now is also necessary to evaluate the position of the implant and the condition of the bone for any erosion

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Chin Implant Complication

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Without an examination much less a photograph it is impossible to give you a specific answer. At six years after your surgery, your result is stable and will not change markedly. It sounds like you have a scarring process which is involving the skin causing the hardening. The tingling indicates nerve irritation - if it is associated with tingling involving the lower lip it may be due to irritation involving the nerve to the lower lip (mental nerve) which comes out of the jaw just above and to the side of the implant.  A side depression may be due to loss of soft tissue on that side - worse yet, in some cases where silicone implants are placed under the periosteum / bone lining the bone reabsorbs under the implant leading to an uneven asymmetric look.

My best advice is to go back and see your surgeon or another Plastic surgeon of your choosing. The implant MAY need to be removed or changed.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Going on in my chin implant

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Can not even give you an educated guess without photos and more medical info. See in person a surgeoon to help you address these concerns.

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