If I Go Bigger on Implant Exchange, Will I Look Like 2 Balls Popped out of my Chest?

5'6"125.1st BA 1999 saline over.B sm C.Preop A.After kids , rippling and looks fake.Lost Info on BA so I'm not sure the CCs.Assuming 250-275s.Tried on sizers @PS's office, 225-250 CCs and I love the full look. If my assumption is correct, total CCs 475-525 silicone HP under.I don't mind going biggest I can (full D) but afraid it would look fake.

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Revising Old Saline Implants

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I would say that you're on the right path. Your old saline implants have lost significant volume and your skin surely has stretched after children. It will be almost impossible to determine your exact size preoperatively. Sometimes the most simple answer is to get an accurate diameter and choose the high profile silicone implant that is the correct diameter. This will usually lead you to a soft full "D" cup that will not look like two balls on your chest.

Hoover Plastic Surgeon

If I Go Bigger on Implant Exchange, Will I Look Like 2 Balls Popped out of my Chest?

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I would say your assumption is incorrect. Trying on implants in useful, but not in a patient that already has implants. If you want to convince yourself, stack a 225 on top of a 250 and see how little resemblance it bears to a 475. 

Better is a rice test.  Fill a stocking with raw rice, use that to increase your breast size. Use a stretchy sports bra. Find the volume that gets you to a size you like. Your surgeon can use that info to choose the right size for you. 

How that size will look I can't begin to guess without at least looking at preop photos. All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Implants under the muscle should always look

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What looks "natural" anymore is getting a little lost in its definition.  What most women in my practice are looking for is a full breast with no rippling or wrinkling visible in the implant.  They also want this without a shelf on the upper pole of the breast.  Implants under the muscle create a soft transition in the upper part of the breast (natural).  A smooth silicone implant will be the one that is least likely to show wrinkling or rippling.  As for the size, I would certainly recommend a high profile implant and the sizes you are mentioning are probably okay, but it may be limited by the technique used by the surgeon. I don't like to use things like Stratice or Alloderm in cases like this due to expense and I don't think it's needed.  The trick is making the new pocket under the muscle and getting the implant to stay there.  Get a few opinions and ask how this is accomplished.  It's not an "easy" fix but there are some limitations in what you can do.  Good luck!



Bigger and rippling

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If you have rippling it would be nice to know where it is. Upper pole and implants over muscle then go under muscle. If all around you may want to consider Strattice.

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