Is it ever going to go back to normal?

Had ultherapy 2 days ago, and besides the horrible swelling, I have maybe 10 big hives on my skin... I had twice ultherapy before, but I have been told the newer version is more aggressive, 800 lines, etc... So far I look like horrible, my face used to be skinny/ now is swollen, blistered ( they look more like hives)... I look older actually and so worried about this situation going back to normal... I used to LOVE ultherapy... now I wonder if the newer office was a totally wrong choice to go...

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Ultherapy Upgrade is Gentler

As a matter of fact, the 'new Ultherapy' program upgrade reduce the likelihood of such 'welts' and I have yet to see a single patient who has this problem. Not likley that you needed 800 lines of treatment if you are getting a 'touch up' 2 years later - but seeming that I have not seen a picture or evaluated you, it is possible that you may have needed this # of treatment lines. The swelling and welts are more likely to be from the probe not being perpendicular at the lines of treatment or excessive patient movement because of pain or using higher than required energy source. Talk to the treating provider for more clues and follow up. Read the Ultherapy e book written by a colleague at the link below.. Good luck.

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