Going up 50 or 25 cc under local? (photo)

I am 6 weeks out from getting 250 cc mod plus silcone. They r to small . My ps said he could switch them out for 275 or 300 mod plus . Under local in his office. I am full b small c just want a little bit more . Still want a natural look with some fullness. I am 5ft tall 95 lbs. will 300 mod plus be to much for me?i would like to b a full c. In the past I have had 340 classic and they were way to big for me plus the ps never released all my muscles so they never dropped into pockets bad surgery

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Increasing implant size using local anesthesia

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I would suggest that you need to increase the implant size by a minimum of 50 cc to appreciate any significant difference. Using local anesthesia is completely reasonable, but you will need to be completely prepped and draped in the same fashion as your first surgery to minimize the risk of contamination. The surgery should still be performed in an accredited operating facility.

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Going up 50 or 25 cc under local?

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I doubt that 25 cc would make a noticeable difference. 50 cc might be a very modest size change, maybe about halfway between current size and previous size with the 340 cc implants.

I have no issue with local anesthesia. What is meant by "in the office" is unclear. Usual standard would be an office operating room, set up to the same standards as an outpatient surgicenter OR.

All the best.

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Baltimore breast implant size for an augmentation

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I would recommend bringing in photos of breasts that you like to your plastic surgeon to see if the size implants that you're getting are right for you.

Breast Augment

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I typically tell people to go up by 100cc for a really noticeable change. I have not heard of anyone changing inplants in an office setting your PS must have an OR in their office. If you didnt like 340 and dont like 250 seems naturall 300 would be ideall

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