How much inner thigh will be lifted when they do a medial thigh lift? (Photo)

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Inner Thigh Lift Results

It depends what incision will be used. If its just a horizontal incision, then the upper thighs will be corrected. If the incision goes further down your leg (along the "inseam") then correction down lower will be achieved.  You need to be very clear with your surgeon on what to expect and look at photos of his or her other patients who look similar to you. 

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What to expect from a thigh lift.

your final results will depend on a number of factors, including your skin quality, the amount of fat present, the length of the scar, and others. The best approach for you would be to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who could evaluate your individual situation and give you a better idea of what you may expect and probably even different options of surgery types.

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How much inner thigh will be lifted when they do a medial thigh lift?

The degree of lift will be technique and surgeon dependent, as some surgeons will produce a tighter and smoother result. 

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