Should I Have a Glycolic Skin Peel or IPL Treatment to Rejuvenate my Skin? I Live in the Sun and Im 46yrs Old.

I had a South Beach Peel about 3.5 yrs ago which worked really well, but downtime was too long. I would like to rejuvenate my skin in the next week or two and am unsure which of the above procedures will produce best results?

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Skin rejuvenation

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It takes yamage the skin.

Years of aging and sun exposure to damage the skin. Therefore the treatment is a long program to reverse the process.

it starts with a medical grade skin care program. followed by peels, or IPL or Co2 skin resurfacing. These procedures should be done by an experienced doctor and not a technician. Then continue skin care, and sun protection, cessasionof smoking, and a healthy diet and excercise for the rest of your life.

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Skin Rejuvenation

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Both of the two things you have listed will require multiple treatments for full effects. In my opinion, IPL done by very experienced technicians are far superior to skin peels and require less downtime or aggravation to the skin. However, neither of these will do that much if you say you "live in the sun". The first thing you need to do to make your skin better is get the heck out of the sun and start wearing sunscreen.

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