Chemical Peel Option for Caucasian-Asian Skin?

I get Chemcial peel GA 30 every week and I feel that my skin is getting accustomed to it. I have grade 1 acne, oily skin. I am half Caucasian and Asian. I was wondering, is there better alternative for me such as Salicylic acid? If so, what concentration? Can I do 30% or go lower? Thank you.

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ViPeel for Caucasian - Asian skin care

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You might want to look into Vi Peel.  With your skin pigmentation, you don't want to get too aggressive due to the possibility of permanent pigmentation changes.

Chemical peel options for Caucasian-Asian skin

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For your skin type, there are many options. Sal acid certainly is an option - maybe start with 20%. TCA, Jessner peels are other options for you (would start with 10% TCA). You could also go stronger with the GA - to 50 or 70% but because you have oily skin, I would try one of the other options mentioned.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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