Could Glycolic Peels Combined with Microdermabrasion have Caused Hyperpigmentation?

After several combined treatments of microdermabrasion (either CrystalClearâ or Dermagenesis)followed by a glycolic acid peel I developed brown blotches/mottling all over the sides of my face immediatley following gardening on a sunny morning. After approx a further 6 combined treatments to rectify this and several lazer sessions which resulted in scabbing on my face, there's no improvement. 1. Did the beautician make a mistake? 2. Has it caused this hyper-pigmentation?

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Hyperpigmentation from Microdermabrasion

One thing I'm hoping is that you have been wearing sunscreen. The microdermabrasion and peels will have helped lighten existing discoloration, which can actually make your "new" skin more susceptible to burning. Additionally, glycolic peels in general make you more photosensitive. So, while they might not have "caused" this to happen, the post effects may have resulted from the actual results from the treatment. I am concerned about the scabbing you got from laser treatments, though. That is not a normal result. I would suggest you find a local dermatologist to evaluate your skin and help you come up with a plan.

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