Is Glycolic Peel Effective in Minimizing Scars on Neck and Face?

A few days ago, I had some irritation over my face. Later, it became like allergy scars over my face and neck during end of January. Could it be due to climate?

I've been to a Government hospital and was given a moisturizer. I've have had Glycolic Chemical Peel before in 2006. Kindly advice if I can use this or not? Please, since this is going to be applied over my face, I'm worried.

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The reaction you are describing sounds like an allergic reaction or irritation due to chemicals, environment, or even new make-up.

There reactions should not leave scars on the skin. They may leave marks that will disappear.

I would advise you not to use glycolic acid now till all your reaction is completely gone.

Also being from Kuwait your skin color is important in deciding on the peel and what you want to achieve. For the time being avoid chemicals, cleanse the skin with mild cleanser, moisturize with hypoallergenic moisturizer. When the reaction has resolved then you can thin about a mild glycoic acid peel, However the skin should be prepared before the peel.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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