Will a Glycolic Peel Lead to an Even Skin Tone?

My dermatologist prescribed Ziana gel for my acne scars. Although it's been reducing my red marks, it's been lightening my skin unevenly, and I now have white patches on my face. Will a glycolic peel help my skin color go back to normal, so I have more of an even skin tone and no more white patches?

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Even out skintone, acne redness and white patches

You need to be using a good regimen along with the Ziana.  Are you spot treating with the Ziana or using it full face?  If spot treating, you are more likely to end up with lighter spots in those treated areas.  Ziana is meant to be used full face and will improve the overall appearance of your skin, skintone etc.  Yes, a peel regimen will improve not only the appearance of your skin, but start the anti-aging process, making your skin stronger.  Although you could have a deeper peel for a quick fix, a series of lighter peels has been proven to improve the overall appearance and health of the skin.  A very nice program we do in my office is the DermaCeutic Peel which comes with its own homecare system.  Check it out and good luck!

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